Chilli Roulette Chipolatas




The Chilli Roulette Chipolata Pack contains 12 Chipolatas made with our famous 5 Chilli recipe using Hungarian Wax, Birds Eye, Jalopeno, Scotch Bonnet & Serenade recipe but lurking in there somewhere are some (at least 2) Chipolatas that have a sixth Chilli added. This sixth chilli is the outrageously hot Carolina Reaper. We have to wear a full face mask when handling this chilli powder as it is offensively hot.

Rules: Cook them up, place in a bowl and take turns to eat them and see who gets the hot ones.


Warning: These Chipolatas have made grown men cry! Do not underestimate how hot they are. They are not for the old, the young or the weak, you have been warned.